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When you represent yourself in a self-help, self-filing capacity, Stardom, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County, is able to assist you in the preparation of legal documents for Clark County court at a reasonable cost. However, if necessary, we can file the documents on your behalf. Contact Us at 702-371-2329 for more information or Get Started now! If you need to file documents in Elko County, or any other county in Nevada, call us.

We also help prepare and file paperwork in the Family California Court.

Evictions & Civil Actions

Give us a call to see if we can help you with your civil or eviction action. Whether you are initiating an eviction action, or responding to an eviction notice, we can assist!


Stardom can prepare Contested and Uncontested Divorce documents.

Child Support

If you need to address child support matters in Family Court, Stardom can help you with the required paperwork.


If you need to file paperwork to establish paternity in Family Court, we can prepare the documents for you.


This can be a very difficult matter to address because no one wants to have to fight for custody. However, if you find yourself in that position, please give us a call to help you file the correct documents.


If you feel you have been shut out of your child’s life, we can help you file the necessary paperwork to get before the Court to set up visitation.

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What We Do

Once people get to the point they can no longer communicate with each other, the next typical step they take is to litigate the issue. However, they need help on how to prepare and file the necessary court documents, whether it be in Clark County or any other County in Nevada. This is when they can call Stardom and utilize our services. Stardom assists people with document preparation, and if they need help filing their documents, we can help with that process too. We understand filing legal documents can be intimidating to most people, so our objective is to help them achieve their goal by submitting the correct paperwork to the Court.


There are many companies you can choose from after you have decided to represent yourself; however, can they provide the best service for you? Well, at Stardom, we pride ourselves on being a company that is concerned with providing you with the best service for your particular matter. We will not sell you services you do not need. We make sure the documents you desire to file are in accordance with Court requirements. Our prices are competitive. We can provide a myriad of services for you, or point you in the right direction to get you the help you need.

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